5 exercises to help you get ready for the snow!

1. Bridges with towel squeeze

Helps strengthen the glutes and inner thigh muscles, which are used for skiing, walking and balancing in the snow.

Squeeze the towel with your knees as you lift your hips up aiming for a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Squeeze glutes at the top.

2. Walking Lunges with a twist

This exercise helps strengthen your legs, glutes and abdominals, which are all used together for snow sports. Also great for balance, which is much harder in the snow.

Take a big step forward and bend both knees to 90 degrees, at the same time rotate your head and shoulders over the front leg. Don’t let your front knee fall inwards.

3. Mountain Climbers

Great for cardio and abdominal, quad and calf strength = helps you walk up hills at the snow!

From a high plank position, quickly alternate driving one knee up towards your chest. Keep your back straight.

4. Four point balance drill

Stay balanced on your skiis and on slippery, uneven snowy ground with this exercise.

Start standing on one leg and keep your weight over this leg throughout the exercise. Bend your knee and hip to reach your other foot forward as far in front of you as you can manage. Repeat and move backwards and to each side. Don’t let your hips twist and stay tall.

5. Heidens side to side drill

Builds strength and power through your legs and hips, great for energy bursts when descending down a hill skiing.

Stand on one leg then quickly jump across and land on the other leg. Land softly with your hips and knee bent. Swing your arms across your body to behind you as you jump.

Check in with your Physio if you have any injury concerns before heading to the snow or if you need a personalised exercise program to prepare. Please check in with your health professional before starting any new exercise program.