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Yoga Classes.

Yoga is an ancient practice with a guiding philosophy of ‘union’ or connectedness of mind, body and spirit.

Yoga supports the body’s natural tendency towards health and healing. The many benefits include improvements in strength, flexibility and balance, mindfulness, reduction of stress and anxiety and promotion of the bodies immune system and nervous system to improve coping strategies and reduce chronic pain.

We offer classes in both Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga with focus in each class on the asanas (poses and postures), pranayama (breath control) and meditation.

Yoga classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience, strength and flexibility. We understand the need for individualisation in a class environment and combine our knowledge of Physiotherapy with Yoga principles and practice to modify poses and postures to be suitable for all levels – from beginners to experts, and those wanting to re-engage yoga under professional guidance after some time away.

Hatha Yoga Classes

The slower pace Hatha Classes are a great place to start for those new to the world of Yoga! The word Hatha can be translated to mean “force” or “exertion” and the primary elements of this style are the physical asanas and breath control. Start with Hatha for at least 5+ sessions to begin your Yoga journey.

Vinyasa Flow Classes

For those looking to extend themselves and are after a more dynamic session - Vinyasa flow classes are an excellent choice. Vinyasa Flow sequences are practised and extended over a number of weeks and deeper mindfulness is achieved through regular practice.

For beginners and small groups - Book a 30 or 60min minute individual or 2-3 person group session.

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Yoga is available at our Olinda studio:
232 Ridge Road, Olinda.