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12 hours notice must be given for cancellation of all Clinical classes (Clinical Exercise, Clinical and Youth Strength, GLA:D, Pre & Post Natal Exercise, Bones & Balance), otherwise the class will be forfeited to the full value of the class. Clients can use their individual MindBody login to book themselves in or change their class bookings before the 12 hour window.

Reformer Pilates classes at Mt Evelyn must be cancelled 2 hours prior to class commencement. 

A late cancellation or  non-attendance of any scheduled Reformer Pilates classes, without notice of cancellation, will result in a $5 late cancellation fee. This fee will be charged to all those who have an unlimited membership (6 wk, 3 mth or 12 mth). Those who have purchased a class pack will not be charged a $5, but a pass will be forfeited for the booked session. Please make sure to cancel your scheduled class ahead of time so that others can join in from the waiting list with enough notice. Clients can use their individual MindBody login to book themselves in or change their class bookings before the two hour window.

All classes are claimable under private health insurance for physiotherapy except for Reformer Pilates.

GLA:D, Clinical Exercise, Clinical Strength, Youth S&C: Code 560 Group Physiotherapy

Pre/Post Natal, Bones & Balance: Code 561 Class Physiotherapy

All weekly Clinical Exercise memberships have a 12-week minimum term lock-in period, except Youth Clinical S&C memberships which have a six-week or 12-week minimum lock in.

The minimum term lock-in period is a fixed term and does not allow for suspensions or terminations within its time period, unless approval is granted before commencement.

After the minimum lock-in period, the membership may be cancelled or suspended at any time by the client, in accordance with our suspension and termination terms below.

Memberships will continue beyond the minimum lock-in period with a weekly direct debit unless Form & Practice is notified of a termination request in writing (see Termination Policy below).

You may apply to Form & Practice in writing for one suspension (of no less than two weeks and no more than four weeks) of your fixed term Clinical Exercise membership prior to commencement of the membership. Please email requests to [email protected].

Weekly memberships are not redeemable for any Physiotherapy Treatments, Massage/Myotherapy sessions, Individual Sessions or other Clinical sessions.

Casual passes have a one-month expiry.

5 Packs have a six-week expiry.

10 Packs have a three-month expiry.

20 Packs have a six-month expiry.
GLA:D Packs have a 6 week expiry.

Introductory memberships (e.g. “Two-Week Intro” offers or “Foundation” memberships) are available once to new customers or new services to the Form & Practice studio and are valid for a period of two weeks from the date that the first class is booked or attended.

Once an Introductory Membership ends, you will need to select a membership option or purchase classes individually or in packs to continue use of the studio.

Introductory members may attend an unlimited number of classes for their chosen membership, excluding any Physiotherapy Treatments, Massage/Myotherapy sessions, Individual Sessions and Clinical Exercise Sessions.

All bookings are subject to Form & Practice’s Cancellation Policy. Form & Practice reserves the right to terminate the membership of any client that late-cancels or does not attend more than two classes during their Two-Week Introductory period.

Two-Week Introductory Memberships are not able to be suspended, and are non-refundable once commenced.

All memberships operate on a weekly direct debit from your stored credit card in Mindbody (a secure system). Payment will continue unless notified (see Termination Policy below).

The Two-Week Introductory offer and any Opening or Foundation Three-month Unlimited Memberships are one off payments that can be made online or in the studio.

Form & Practice may terminate your membership without notice for inappropriate, offensive or illegal behaviour, as determined by us, which occurs on our premises or is directed at our staff or other clients and members.

Additionally, you may terminate your membership if you become affected by a long term or permanent injury or illness that will prevent you from using our services. Termination will take effect from the date we receive written confirmation from a medical doctor that your injury or illness will exceed a period of four weeks.

A Form & Practice Physiotherapist may also allow you to terminate or suspend your membership due to injury after a Physiotherapy consultation.

Termination of Clinical memberships is available after the minimum three-month lock-in period. You must provide Form & Practice with at least two weeks written notice to terminate your Clinical membership. Weekly payments due to be debited within those two weeks will be processed. Please email a request to [email protected].

Termination of Reformer Pilates contracts (six weeks, three months and twelve months) before their completion without meeting the above criteria must be paid in full. If you wish to terminate your membership, please email a request to [email protected].