Telehealth video consultations are available for all of our physiotherapists for clients Australia-wide.


We use PhysiApp for video consultation and to provide home exercise programs. You will need a working internet connection and ideally PhysiApp installed onto your device. This works well on any Apple or Android device including smartphones and tablets, as well as laptop and desktop computers.

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Why Telehealth

There are many good reasons that people may wish to access a Telehealth consultation with one of our experienced Form & Practice physiotherapists.

Often clients may be unable to attend the clinic due to illness or injury, or may be concerned about attending the clinic during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Telehealth is also a great alternative for those who may find it difficult to access high quality physiotherapy services:

  • People in rural areas
  • Those with very busy work or family lives

For our clients across Australia and the rest of the world, Form & Practice physiotherapists are able to provide second opinions to complex musculoskeletal, rehabilitation, sports injury and Womens’ and Men’s Health clients.

What to expect during Telehealth Physiotherapy session.

Please download the PhysiApp app onto your device before the consultation and await your unique login code if you are a new client to our practice. Existing clients may already have this login as we have been using PhysiApp for exercise programs for some time.

Make sure you have a reasonable space around you should your physiotherapist need you to perform some movement tests, and also some privacy in case you are concerned about relaying personal information.

Prepayment is required for all Initial Telehealth consultations. This includes all new clients to our clinic, and also previous clients who may have a new injury or have not been into the clinic for more than 6 months. Payment can be made via our website using Stripe, or by calling our reception on +613 9751 0400.

Your physiotherapist will ask you about your relevant history, your goals for physiotherapy and discuss any other factors that may influence your diagnosis and physiotherapy management.

Over video link, your physiotherapist may ask you to perform a series of movements and tests in order to assist with diagnosis and management. You may be asked to expose the body part in question, so be prepared with appropriate clothing (shorts and singlet can be a good start!)

Our physiotherapists are highly experienced with musculoskeletal pain and injury, and in most cases are able to provide a diagnosis over Telehealth sessions. However, in some circumstances a visit to a local practitioner to perform manual tests, or radiological investigation (X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI) may be required. Our physiotherapists will able to guide you through any of these scenarios and provide appropriate referrals as required if we cannot determine an accurate diagnosis over a Telehealth session.

Based on your diagnosis and goals, your physiotherapist will provide an individualised exercise program directly through the PhysiApp program. PhysiApp has a vast array of exercise and educational videos of which our physiotherapists use daily with our in-clinic clients.
In addition your Form & Practice physiotherapist will provide an indication of a progression of these exercises in order to return to full function, activity or pain relieved state.

At the conclusion of your Telehealth consultation, your physiotherapist will provide a clear plan based on your history, goals, diagnosis and exercise progression. This may involve weekly or fortnightly consultations in order to progress your program and improve or manage your condition as best as possible.

Telehealth Physiotherapy rebates are available through private health insurers just as for in-clinic sessions, and through Medicare for those with valid CDM care plan referrals from your GP.

The codes are:

Private Health Insurers:

811 - Initial Consultation

812 - Subsequqnet COnsultation


93000 - CDM Care Plan Telehealth consultation (video)

93013 - CDM Care Plan Telehealth consultation (phone)

If you are unable to access PhysiApp then speak to our reception team before the consultation time and we may be able to provide another video consultation solution.

Telehealth Fees

Telehealth Fees
Telehealth Physiotherapy Consultation: $105 / $98 concession
Women's Health Initial or Long Consultation: $110 / $150 concession

Form & Practice provide Telehealth consultations in Olinda and Mount Evelyn, and for clients Australia wide and worldwide.

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