Clinical Classes

Form & Practice offer a range of Clinical, or physiotherapist-led exercise, class options.

Clinical Exercise

Our Physio led Clinical Exercise Classes provide you with individualised programs to improve strength, stability and flexibility.

Our classes are perfect to improve your body’s strength, stability and flexibility in a safe & welcoming small group environment, led by highly qualified physiotherapists. Each participant’s program is formulated by our physiotherapists to be fully personalised and targeted to each person’s age, physical status, injury history and ability.

Each of our Clinical classes require an Initial Assessment with one of our physiotherapists.

Individual programs are written by our physiotherapists for each participant after the assessment.

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Pilates Classes.

Are you new to Clinical Pilates? 1:1 is a fantastic way to build up your confidence and have focussed expertise assistance!

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Clinical Strength Classes.

These classes are perfect for those wanting to build strength, improve sports or activity performance, rehabilitate post-injury [ ... ]

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GLA:D®, or Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark, is an education and strengthening exercise program developed by researchers [ ... ]

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Youth Strength & Conditioning.

Suitable for 10-18 yr olds for rehabilitation of injury or post-surgery, to improve athletic performance, to prevent injury [ ... ]

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Pre & Post Natal Classes.

Pre & Post Natal Classes include Pilates informed exercise and are led by highly qualified physiotherapists [ ... ]

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All participants firstly need to have a Clinical Assessment with one of our physiotherapists. During this session, the physiotherapist will undertake a comprehensive subjective history and physical examination, and from there devise an individualised program for you. This program will form the basis from which the physiotherapist will build your strength, flexibility and other health goals from during the classes.

At least twice a week for at least six weeks is the recommended minimum frequency and time frame for developing meaningful changes in muscle strength and movement patterns. We recommend 2-3 classes per week for twelve weeks, or combining 2 strength classes with Clinical Exercise and/or yoga classes, for increased flexibility and core stability, in order to maximise the benefits of strength classes with us.

You will be given some exercises to complete at home as part of your initial assessment. For ongoing updated exercises, you will need to have an up to date weekly membership for 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week.

Yes all of our Clinical Classes are rebatable under private health insurance as they are run by qualified physiotherapists.

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Join us at our dedicated physiotherapy facility and enjoy the benefits of the next generation of elite level physiotherapy.