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Osteoporosis in women

Osteoporosis is an asymptomatic, progressive condition where bones lose theirdensity and become fragile. It occurs because they lose minerals (like calcium)faster than they make them. […]


What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage therapy is one of the key services that we offer at Form & Practice and can greatly assist in rehabilitation of injuries and […]


Shin Splints

Shin Splints, also called medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), describes an often sharp pain along the inner part or the back of the tibia (shin […]


Back Pain During Lockdown

In our clinic during the lockdowns we’ve seen a distinct rise in the incidence of people seeking treatment for lower back pain. Working from home […]


Lateral Hip pain

By Jen Vardy Lateral hip pain is often related to gluteal tendinopathy or bursitis and can be a literal pain in the butt. It is […]


Sciatica Explained

Radicular pain vs Radiculopathy by Lis Coffey, Physiotherapist at Form & Practice, Mt Evelyn Most people are familiar with the term ‘Sciatica’ when it comes […]


Abdominal muscle separation

Women’s Health Physio for your Diastasis Rectus Abdominus muscle (DRAM)By Jen Vardy Much has been written about abdominal muscle separation or diastasis recti abdominus, DRA, […]


A pain in the breast

Mastitis and Physiotherapy for inflammatory conditions of the lactating breast. By Jen Vardy My husband comes from a dairy farm and his knowledge of mastitis […]

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Previously described as ‘pelvic instability’ pelvic girdle pain (PGP) is a condition affecting more than half of women during pregnancy to varying degrees. PGP refers […]

How to avoid or manage tennis elbow

Your best return in tennis

Avoiding or managing tennis elbow Competitive Sport has been sidelined by COVID19 but there is suddenly a glimmer of hope for Victorians with a staged […]

Youth Strength

Youth Strength & Conditioning

Youth Strength Training There is clear evidence that strength (resistance) training can be a beneficial activity for children and adolescents. Some of the documented outcomes […]

Bad Knees

Is running bad for knees?

Running is a hugely popular, easily accessible healthy physical activity (especially post COVID-19). Running also provides a range of physical and mental health benefits including […]

Organised sport

These girls can

By Jen Vardy Keeping our teenagers active and engaged in sport can be a challenge. The statistics for girls, in particular, show a high drop […]

Do Disc Issues Ever Heal?

Do Disc Issues Ever Heal?

Physiotherapists are often asked this question. If you’ve ever experienced or currently have a clinically diagnosed disc injury to your lower back you will likely […]

Arthritis Fact Sheet

Arthritis Fact Sheet

What is Arthritis? The word arthritis derives from Greek words for joint (arthrosi) and inflammation (itis). Arthritis is a major cause of pain and disability […]

COVID-19 Policy

Form & Practice are taking the following infection control steps in order to reduce the risk of transmissible coronavirus infection and to enable our existing […]

Surgeons Knee Surgery

Since 2002 there has been an overwhelming amount of research and clinical evidence stating that exercise is the best first choice treatment for symptomatic knee […]

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Overstriding and Foot Pain

For those who have suffered, or are suffering, from a common foot condition called plantar fasciitis (or as we have mentioned before, it’s now fasciosis […]